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Bed Bug Heat treatment Devon & Cornwall

Killing bed bugs with heat

Bed bugs are resilient, but they have one big weakness: They die in temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Exposing them to temperatures that exceed 120 degrees for a few hours kills them quickly.

Heat treatment is the most effective way of killing bed bugs, but it’s not something the average homeowner can do or afford to do in call cases.

Heat treatment can be done by the “do it yourselfer”, is done most effectively by a well trained professional exterminators with heavy duty heat treating equipment.  But for many, this can be cost prohibitive, and can also be done by yourself using some available products, including enclosures and heaters designed for bed bug treatment and bed bug steamers.

We cover both.  Below we discuss having it done by a professional, and later in this article, we provide 7 steps you can take on your own to heat treat for bed bugs.














 Bed bugs in Devon and Cornwall are starting to be serious problem. In fact, bed bugs throughout the country have been getting a lot of press over the past few years as they’ve reappeared inside our homes and businesses and seem to be spreading like wildfire. We get calls daily from people concerned about the possibility of bed bugs inside their homes and apartments, so we know how severe this problem has become. Fortunately, we have a very effective bed bug heat treatment option to control bed bugs. This eco-friendly bed bug control solution circulates hot air at temperatures over 120 degrees throughout infested areas for a period of time to kill bed bugs and their eggs. In order to have an effective bed bug extermination, there are a few steps you must take before the professionals at Dartmoor Pest Control arrive at your home for your bed bug heat treatment.

To prepare for your bed bug heat treatment,

we ask that you take the following preparation measures to ensure our treatment is completely effective:

  1. Unplug electronics from outlets inside only the bedroom.

  2. You may leave your clothing inside drawers, but if they are tightly packed, you must remove them and place them loosely in open weave laundry baskets.

  3. If you have any items on the walls or on shelves that may be damaged when someone brushes by them, please take these articles down. We will be bringing in large and heavy equipment and want to make sure we don’t damage your belongings while we work.

  4. If you have air mattresses, deflate the bladders.

  5. We need to move large equipment through your structure; please make sure the path is clear for us to get throughout your home or business.

  6. Remove all pets from the premises, including cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, etc.

  7. We also ask that you collect certain items and place them into a box by the door so that they are not damaged during the heat treatment. These items include: all aerosols and pressurized cans, compressed gases, flammable or combustible chemicals, cds, candles, wax figurines, oil paintings, musical instruments (like guitars), flammable products, indoor plants, seeds, bulbs, carbonated beverages or drinks under pressure and any other valuables that you may think could be damaged by temperatures ranging between 120°F and 150°F.

  8. Food items that may melt at higher temperatures, including chocolate, candy and solid oils should be stored in the refrigerator.

  9. Medications should also be stored in the refrigerator during our heat treatment.

  10. By following these preparation tips, you can help make sure that your property is ready for Dartmoor Pest control bed bug heat treatment.

Bed bug heat treatment

If you have any questions about our pre-bed bug heat treatment requirements, please give us a call! One of our Thermal Remediation Specialists can answer any questions you may have regarding what needs to be removed from the premises prior to your service.

If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs inside your home, give us a call today for a bed bug canine inspection. Our knowledgeable bed bug canine handlers can carefully inspect your property to determine if you have a bed bug problem and then offer bed bug control options, including bed bug heat treatments. We have been providing exceptional pest control services in Devon & Cornwall, since 2008 and can help you get rid of bed bugs or any other pests that are causing you concern; contact us today!

Bed bug heat treatments (or thermal remediation treatments) are the best method for resolving heavy infestations, particularly in cluttered conditions. They may also include a chemical treatment for maximum effectiveness. Dartmoor Pest control will bring industrial-sized heaters into your property and heat your space to a temperatures of 120 degrees or above 


  • Vacuuming

  • Pesticide Dust

  • Heat (120°F and above)

  • Mattress Encasements


Most items can remain in the structure during the heat treatment without being harmed.

The Wil-Kil representative will provide and review the preparation checklist with the Client prior to service.


  • Eliminates all stages of the bed bug, from egg to adult.

  • Results are achieved more quickly than with conventional methods, usually in a single treatment.

  • Less extensive preparation for the resident, and they can return to their home that same day.

  • Heat is non-chemical, non-toxic


  • Residents must vacate the area, for about 6-8 hours, during treatment.

  • Higher cost than conventional treatment.

  • As with other treatments, re-introductions are possible.


  • Elimination is needed in a single treatment.

  • Infestations are heavy and/or conditions are cluttered.

  • Residents have limited ability to prepare for treatment.

  • The area is less than 2000 sq ft., including apartments, dorm rooms, condos and small homes.

Bedbug Heat treatment
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