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Rat & mice control  devon & cornwall

Rat & mice control  devon & cornwall

Rat Control

  • Rat Trapping & Removal

  • Repairs To Rat Entry Points

  • We operate a professional rat removal business in Devon & Cornwall

  • Your problem will be 100% solved - PERMANENTLY.

Rat & Mice Proofing

  • Repairs To Rat Entry Points

  • Seal all openings around pipes, cables, and wires that enter through walls or the foundation.

  • We are not your standard company, we go above and beyond to solve your problem.

Property cleanups

  • Animal waste is a biohazzard - leaving droppings in the attic long term can have health consequences.

  • Leaving droppings in the attic is particularly unattractive to new home buyers.Unpacking: removal of goods, include labor.

Mice Control

  • Our inspection consists of a meticulous overview of the entire property.

  • Mouse trapping and removal

  • Our expertise in structural pest control comes with years of dealing with mice.

Book Us:
 07855 534163
Unlike some other pest control companies who prefer to treat your pest problem we aim to stop it.
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