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 Agiculture pest control 

Farming and Agriculture Specialists in Farming and Agricultural Pest Control Whatever type of agriculture you are in, problems with pests are a major concern not only for the potential loss of revenue through contamination or damage to your crops but also possible damage to your property and equipment.Rats and mice are a major problem because of the considerable damage they cause through their gnawing behaviour. Other pests, including fliesand gulls and pigeons can also cause problems and if left uncontrolled, the results can be disastrous :Damage to the fabric of buildings and machinery Electrical

faults and flooding Feed Stores ruinedIncreased costs and loss of revenue

Loss of reputationStrathearn Pest Control has vast experience in providing

farm pest control and has supported the farming community for many years.

We advise on Housekeeping, Proofing and Stacking, to minimise the risk of

infestation, but also in

solutions to pest problems ranging from rodents and insects to pest birds.

As part of our farm pest control service we also help you to comply with

and quality standards applicable to the farming and agricultural community.

Our local technician will regularly visit your site andInitially install and and

then inspect the preventative measures in placecheck for signs of pest

activityidentify any potential risksadvise on steps you can take to reduce

the risk of pest problemsIf there is a problem our rapid response

commitment means a technician will be with you quickly and deal with your

pest problem.


Reliable agricultural pest controllers


Our team have supported the farming community for over 10 years by specialising in removing and deterring pest problems.

Our client base includes:

• Arable farms

•Equine industry and studs

• Pig, poultry and sheep farms

• Grain stores and facilities

• Small holdings

• Country estates

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